The Art of Fluffybutts

The Art of Fluffybutts is a community page dedicated to the art that you may have created or commissioned in honor of your pet.

It doesn’t matter what kind of pet: dog, cat, fish, lizard, snake, goat, pig, cow, horse, ferret, etc. Anything and everything goes. All pets impact us a little differently, and I’d like to honor that.

Nor does it matter if the art is professional or amateur. All types of art are welcome! Submit anything from charcoal to colored pencil to a beautiful photograph for a chance to have your art and your beautiful, beloved pet displayed and honored for the companionship and impact they’ve had on your life.

You can submit your art to

Valentine Pixie by Shantewa and Patricia
Valentine Luna Lovegood by Shantewa and Patricia
Valentine Merlin by Shantewa and Patricia
Valentine Morgana by Shantewa and Patricia
Valentine Bagheera by Shantewa and Patricia
Valentine Raina by Shantewa and Patricia
English Springer Spaniel “Abby” by Shantewa McConaha 8/4/2017

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