Show me those fluffybutts!

It’s All American Pet Photo Day 😁😁  I know it’s an American-made holiday, but I would just love it if everyone would participate no matter what country you’re from!  Just make a blog post with photos of your pets and add the link to it in the comments.  Fluffybutts aren’t limited to dogs and cats, either.  Take pictures of your not-so-fluffybutts, too!  Post photos of your pet pig, ferret, hamster, gerbil, rat, mouse, tortoise, snake, fish, turtle, frog, toad, tarantula, horse, goat, cow, llama, donkey, mule, alpaca, etc, etc.  After you’re finished, browse other people’s posts, leave a nice comment, follow blogs you think you’ll love, and just have fun!

Here are our fluffybutts:

Pixie (our little love)
Luna Lovegood (our persistent, sometimes obnoxious, but always adorkable puppy)
Raina (the Queen)
Morgana (our crazy kitty and cat burglar)
Bagheera (our attention-seeker)
Merlin (our trouble kitty and the original cat burglar)

Love this post?  Please consider becoming a part of our Fluffybutt Family by liking, sharing, commenting, and/or following our blog!  We’d love to share our journey with you 😄


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