Forget-Me-Not Friday

Just realized I didn’t post for Forget-Me-Not Friday. So, I’m doing it now. We are looking back on Zeela this week, her life, and the life she gave to her kittens. May she never be forgotten.

Fluffybutts Family

This week we’re honoring Zeela, the mother of Fluff and Fuzz (the First), and adoptive mother of Noah who was the mother of our current cat, Raina.


Zeela was my grandma’s cat, adopted for the purpose of keeping down the mice and vole population around our house and yard.  She didn’t bond with anyone in particular and was very standoffish with everyone, including my grandma.  She would accept being petted, but didn’t seek it out.  Her very best quality was, as you might guess, her mousing abilities.  She was a fabulous mouser and she taught her kittens to be great mousers, as well.

She fell pregnant around the beginning of May in 2011 and gave birth in July on a part of the roof of all places.  There were three kittens, though we were afraid some might have fallen off the roof.  Thankfully, none did.  However, the third kitten was…

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