Forget-Me-Not Friday

It’s Forget-Me-Not Friday and this week we remember the first cat I ever bonded with, Fluff. May he never be forgotten.

Fluffybutts Family

This week we feature Fluff, the father of Raina. He was born in the fall of 2011 to a litter of three by my grandma’s cat, Zeela, though sadly the third was stillborn. Even so, when they were about two weeks old they were joined by a drop-off named Noah at three months old who was quickly adopted into the litter.

Zeela and kittens4

Fluff is the light grey kitten on the very left, Noah the dark grey kitten looking up at the camera, Fuzz the light tannish-grey kitten up top under Noah, and of course the mother Zeela on the right.

Sadly most of the pictures were lost between the move from this house to our current house, so we don’t have any photos of Fluff as an adult cat, though he was a very handsome tom.

He looked very much like his daughter, Raina, except with more fluff around his face…

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