What would you want to see?

As I get closer to finding vendors and companies willing to work with me upon the opening of my store, Fluffybutts Pet Boutique, I can’t help but think about all the different people I have following our story on my blog and on other social media sites like Twitter, where you can find us under OurFluffyFam, and Instagram, where you can find us under ourfluffyfam, and tumblr, where you can find us under fluffybuttsfamily 🙂

I’ve been thinking more and more … what would you want to see in a pet store striving for the most natural and effective pet products out there?

To outline some of my plans, I’d like to offer (pictures are only examples, not actual products):

raw and holistic pet foods

Raw dog food

natural pet treats

Dog treats - pizzle

natural remedies to common ailments

Apple cider vinegar

essential oils that are good for pets

Essential oils

proven training tools

Training tool

grooming tools


kennels and carriers

harnesses, collars, tags, and leashes

pet beds and houses

sweaters, booties, and other accessories

food and water bowls

art featuring pets from pet owners and aspiring artists

So, with those in mind, what other suggestions might you, my readers, have for an online pet store?  If you were shopping online for your pet, what products would you want to see?  Please, if you have any suggestions, add them to the comments below.  I’d love to hear your opinion!


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