Forget-Me-Not Friday

It’s another Forget-Me-Not Friday here on Fluffybutts Family! This week we again remember Kaya, the little kitten with the need to climb, climb, climb! May she never be forgotten.

Fluffybutts Family

Today we feature Kaya, one of Noah’s three kittens (I did say we’d talk about her later).  Kaya’s story is not as happy as Fuzz’s story.  It still makes me sad thinking about it.


Kaya was easily one of the spunkiest of the two combined litters of Raina and Noah.  She had so much energy and such a zest for life!  She was also, we discovered very quickly, a climber.  We found this out when she persisted in climbing our pant legs when all the others had stopped.  It was really cute … at first.  As she grew and her claws grew stronger and sharper, it became a lot less cute.  We had to persistently pull her off our pant legs and put her back on the ground.  Over and over and over and over again.  Ouch!

So I built a little climbing/play area for the cats, partially in the…

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