Forget-Me-Not Friday

On this Forget-Me-Not Friday we remember Fuzz, the little cutie I never knew was an interesting color of tabby. May she never be forgotten.

Forget-Me-Not Friday is for the pets we have lost. Please share your story with us!

Fluffybutts Family

It’s another Forget-Me-Not Friday and this time we’ll be featuring Fuzz in a happier story 🙂  I do hope someday to have Fluffybutts Family followers participate in Forget-Me-Not Friday and to expand this community of pet lovers.  Until then, I’ll continue to feature pets we’ve had until there just aren’t any more, in which case I’ll be posting previous Forget-Me-Not Fridays until someone, I hope, decides they want to add their story.

So, Fuzz was born to Raina before we managed to get her spayed (see the post World Spay Day for why waiting really wasn’t a good idea – although, better late than never).  Fuzz was one of four kittens born to Raina, and one of seven we had in March of 2013 due to Noah falling pregnant at nearly the same time (they had their kittens three days apart).  There were originally thirteen, but having been born outside…

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