Forget-Me-Not Friday

It’s Forget-Me-Not Friday once again, and on e again we are going to remember Tear’s story and the impact she had in our lives and in our hearts.

This post is in memory of Tear. May she never be forgotten.

Fluffybutts Family

On this Forget-Me-Not Friday we honor a fluffybutt that is not a dog or a cat but impacted mine and my sister’s lives nonetheless.  Tear was an adorable dwarf calf our dad brought home during a period when I was raising calves.  He intended her to be a milk cow for us and said we were going to be keeping her.  My sister, who immediately and unexpectedly fell in love and formed a bond with her, named her Tear for the tear drop shaped spot she had on her forehead.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos as they were lost in one of our many moves from one place to another 😦

Below is simply a picture of a dwarf calf to give you an idea of how small she was.


We had several calves before she came into our hearts.  Dumb Bum and Smarty Pants were the first of…

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