Forget-Me-Not Friday

It’s Forget-Me-Not Friday and this week we’re remembering C’ert Dog. He touched the lives of many around him. Why not give him the chance to touch your life, too? You can find his book, here:

This post is in memory of C’ert Dog. May he never be forgotten.

Fluffybutts Family

I am so excited today to present Fluffybutts Family’s first submission for Forget-Me-Not Friday.  Lori D. Marchell Carlsen from Loriginal Designs: Quantum Creativity, here: submitted the story of Č’ert Dog, a beautiful black English Labrador Retriever.

My Father's Greatest Gift

My Father’s Greatest Gift
by: L.D. Marchell (pseudonym) (Lori D. Marchell Carlsen)

Each chapter begins with noted scripture chapter numbers and verses to read from both the Old and New Testament in relation to the content of each chapter. The scripture is not written out. The reference is there as additional selected reading to enhance the message of each chapter in the book. The following is a true story, as written through the eyes of a Labrador Retriever named Č’ert whose purpose is revealed in his story.

My Father’s Greatest Gift is a heartwarming sensitive story of soulful connection between a man, his family and a canine from ” Č’ert Dog’s”…

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