Forget-Me-Not Friday

It’s another Forget-Me-Not Friday and we are, once again, remembering and honoring my Noah-baby. We love her and will never forget her. I invite all my followers to participate in Forget-Me-Not Friday if you’re so inclined. I would love the honor of sharing your beloved pet’s story and your story of how they impacted your life. If you’d like to participate, you can e-mail me at

Fluffybutts Family

As I have not received any pictures or stories for Forget-Me-Not Friday just yet, this week will feature Noah, one of the first two cats with which I felt I had a bond.


Noah was a kitten that was dropped off in the country between our house and our neighbor’s house.  She was small, probably about 2-3 months old.  We took her in to protect her when we noticed one of the neighbor’s children swinging her around by the tail.  We determined by her traits that she was perhaps a Chinese Li Hua, though possibly mixed with a common Domestic Shorthair tabby cat.

100_3849 Chinese Li Hua

domestic-shorthair-tabby-cat Domestic Shorthair Tabby

All in all, she was a beautiful affectionate cat that loved her job as a mouser, vole hunter, bird catcher, and squirrel chaser.  My grandma’s cat, Zeela, took her in and nursed her as she had only recently had a small…

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