Stinker (Literally)

So our Luna is a repeat offender poo-eater as some of you may have read about in earlier posts.  She is also a repeat offender poo-roller, meaning she just loves to go outside, find the stinkiest poo pile she can (from other dogs, not her own) and roll in it until it’s all over her neck and shoulders.  Eww, to put it mildly.  >,<

Today, however, she decided since she didn’t get to roll in any outside, she was going to get into the cat’s litter box in my room, pull out some semi-fresh poo, and roll in it on my cream-colored carpet!  😡  I was not happy about it, to say the least.  Thankfully, our odor and stain remover works quite well and pulled the stains out of the carpet like magic!  ^_^

That also meant that I had to give her a bath, which she wasn’t happy about since she hates baths and doesn’t much care for getting wet, either!  I can’t say I wasn’t feeling very vindicated giving her that bath 😛

Here’s a picture of her after her bath, all nice and happy and clean, and acting as if nothing even happened, the little dork!

Wet LunaWet Luna2

So here’s to all the poo-rollers like our Luna-lu, may they not roll in poo today 😀 😀

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