Forget-Me-Not Friday

Well, looks like we’re coming full circle. Today we’re going to revisit the story of Coconut Baby, at least until I’m ready to tell the stories of a few of our other fluffybutts (they’re not easy ones). In the meantime, I hope some of you might feel like sharing your pet’s story on Forget-Me-Not Friday.

Fluffybutts Family

I’ve decided to make a weekly event – Forget-Me-Not Friday. Forget-Me-Not Friday is about pets we have lost, whether they’ve passed over the Rainbow Bridge, got lost and were never found, or had to be given up for one reason or another.  Most of my posts will be limited to cats and dogs as they are what I know best.  Tell me about your beloved dog, your adorable cat, your favorite horse, your silly goat, your pet pig, your mischievous ferret, and send a picture with your story to and I’ll post one picture and one story every Friday in memory of those pets.

m-patrick-mcconaha-birthday-with-cocoa-001 Coconut Baby

The first Forget-Me-Not Friday will feature Coconut Baby (Coco), my baby girl.  This is not an easy story to tell, but I feel it needs to be told.

My dad got Coconut Baby as a 2-month-old puppy, free even though she was purebred…

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