Forget-Me-Not Friday

On this week’s Forget-Me-Not Friday we honor Sassafras.  She was one of the three kittens born to Noah.  She was adventurous, but not excessively so and much preferred staying on the ground to climbing.  She was what we call a “bush cat.”  When frightened or unsure she would hide under something, as in the photo below when we were mowing the lawn and she ducked under the stool.


Although I found her adorable (partially because we’d never really had a calico), it took awhile for anyone to express interest in adopting her.  Finally, though, it was her turn.  A nice couple came to see her and decided they wanted to adopt her.  I was ecstatic!  They were very friendly and seemed as if they would give Sassafras a great home and a forever family.

Not long after, though, tragedy struck.  Even though the wife had had cats as a young girl and teenager, she’d not had cats for quite some time and was unaware she’d become allergic to them.  She ended up in the hospital.  We’d made sure beforehand to let all adopters know that if they couldn’t keep the kitten for whatever reason, we would be happy to take them back.  So, Sassafras came back to us.  It was bittersweet.  We wanted her to find a good, forever home, but at the same time we’d missed her and were glad to see her again.  Even so, we continued to search for homes for her and her nephew, Bagheera, for they were the last two kittens looking for homes.

Despite Sassafras’ cuteness, she didn’t find that forever home and so remained with us as she grew into a beautiful adult cat.  We did not have the funds at the time to get her spayed, which turned out to be a really bad thing and, as often happens, it was Sassafras that paid the price 😥  She became pregnant at a little over 6 months old and had a miscarriage.  We should have gotten her spayed then, however, before we could she ended up pregnant yet again and, because of the location in which she gave birth, lost all of her kittens.

My Akira & Pregnant SassyThe third time she ended up pregnant, again before we could get her in to have her spayed (they can get pregnant almost right after giving birth and we were not about to put her through an abortion), I was determined she would not lose these kittens.  Her nephew, Akira, seemed to have the same determination as he became very protective of her.

Sassafras and kittensWe kept her inside until she gave birth to five beautiful kittens in the back of my sister’s closet.  Since we knew we could not keep them, we didn’t really give them names save one, which my sister dubbed Ruelle after one of her story characters.  The rest were Dark Orange, Light Orange, Little Grey, and Dark Grey.

Sassy & Insistent Kittens

Our efforts to keep the kittens alive and safe, however, were for naught.  Four of them died almost one right after another.  To this day, we don’t know why.  The last to survive was Dark Grey.  Happily, he survived long enough to go up for adoption and we found him a wonderful home with a little family that had a daughter who renamed Dark Grey Mr. Man.  So little Mr. Man, the only surviving kitten from Sassafras, found a forever home, which made us all very, very happy.

Mr. Man

In the meantime, we managed to get Sassafras spayed (finally).  However, it seemed bad luck was bound to follow her as she contracted round worms and became very sick.  We took her to the vet and de-wormed her, yet even after the medication she seemed to become increasingly frantic for food, increasingly demanding, and increasingly stir-crazy.  We determined she needed a new home, a change of scenery, and the opportunity for that came in the form of our cat-loving aunt.  I knew she’d be in good, loving hands.  So, when our aunt came to visit, she took Sassafras home with her.

Whether she didn’t like her home with our aunt and her other cats or she simply felt it was time to move on or bad luck just continued to follow her, Sassafras left her home with our aunt and didn’t return.  I hope, to this day, that she was found and taken into a new home where she’s living happily even now.  She would be 4 years old, the same as Bagheera.

Despite the hope that she found a home, I have never felt as if I have failed one of our pets more than I failed her.


This post is in memory of Sassafras.  May she never be forgotten.

Forget-Me-Not Friday is about pets we have lost, whether they’ve passed over the Rainbow Bridge, got lost and were never found, or had to be given up for one reason or another.  Please feel free to participate in this event to honor our pets by sending a picture (or a few pictures) and your pet’s story to  Tell me about your beloved dog, your adorable cat, your favorite horse, your silly goat, your pet pig, your mischievous ferret, etc.  I’ll post one picture and one story each week in memory of those pets.

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