Let’s Celebrate Our Pets! (But when do we not?)

Today is National Pet Day here in the USA, so happy National Pet Day!!

What better way to do that than to express appreciation for all our fluffybutts (and not-so-fluffybutts) do for us?

Pixie and her ears

Let’s start with my Pixie, because she is mine 🙂  Pixie came into my life during a difficult time for me.  I was very ill and practically drowning in depression and anxiety.  I believe that’s the major reason my mom agreed to let me get a dog at all, because I needed something to take care of as well as a little furry friend to stay by my side while I battled chronic pain, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, depression, and anxiety.  She’s been with me through many ups and downs and has kept me moving through them all simply because she needed me to take care of her.  I don’t know if I would be here, at this point in time and doing what I’m doing, without her in my life.  I love her more than words can express and can only hope she’ll be with me for a good long time.

Raina sleepy

Next is Raina.  Raina has been a reminder of the bond I had with her father, Fluff.  I don’t only appreciate her for that, though.  She’s not particularly bonded with one person, but is instead bonded to the entire family.  She keeps the other animals in line and reminds them to be respectful.  The mouse population is also kept under control in part because of her rather fabulous mousing abilities.  She also brings a very calm, tranquil energy into whatever room she settles in.  It’s hard to think about ever being without her and, like Pixie, I hope she’s with us for a good long time and continues to chase and catch and eat those mice she loves so much.


Bagheera I appreciate for many of the same qualities as his sister.  However, I also appreciate his love for all people.  The way he likes to come over and block my view of whatever I’m working on just to get some pets and the way he likes to curl up on my chest and sleep while I work on my computer or play on my tablet.  He’s just such a love bug and a beggar for attention.  It’s simply a really nice thing to have one of our cats that enjoys and even demands we pay attention to him.



Merlin is a trouble cat and definitely keeps us on our toes – lately he’s been learning how to open cabinet doors so we’ve had to get latches for them!  He’s an example of what we may have to learn to work around and with should we, Patricia and I, have our own place at some point and adopt more cats.  I also appreciate his gentleness when it’s time to get up (when he sleeps outside his kennel, anyway).  To start, he’ll lay on my chest and purr like mad.  If I don’t get up with that, he’ll then start pushing his nose against mine, purring crazily the whole time.  If I don’t get up after that, he then starts patting my face with his paw.  If I still don’t get up, he’ll just barely prick my skin with his claws.  He’s just so polite and it’s so nice not to be woken up by obnoxious meowing (*cough* Morgana *cough*).

Morgana fluffy belly5

Morgana came along just as Merlin’s door dashing was becoming a huge problem and a point of stress and anxiety for Patricia.  With Morgana’s energy and playful antics, she keeps Merlin’s focus more toward the inside of the house.  She brings laughter into the house with her craziness and the way she pulls Merlin into her games.  She’s simply a joy to watch and so affectionate (as long as we don’t try to cuddle her, lol).


Now we come to Luna.  Luna I appreciate primarily for the help she lends Patricia, though I also appreciate that she motivates me to be a little more active.  Luna gives Patricia comfort and unconditional love.  She allows her to relax a little more and tones down her anxiety and paranoia during the night.  Beyond the help she gives to Patricia, I appreciate Luna for the lessons I’ve learned through training her and helping raise her from puppyhood.  We learned that it’s never too early to start training them (if someone tells you to wait until they’re 4 months old because they can’t understand, it’s not true).  We learned it’s better to give a puppy something they can destroy (like old cardboard boxes) than have them destroy something we really don’t want them to while they’re teething.  She’s taught us all sorts of lessons as she’s grown up with us, and I’m sure she’ll teach us many more.  It’s a journey, after all, and we all have to learn as we go.

What do you appreciate about your fluffybutts (and not-so-fluffybutts)?  Please let us know in the comments below!  I’d love to hear about the impact they’ve had in your life 🙂

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