Let’s Scooper that Pooper!

Normally I would have had this post up at the beginning of the week, but I’ve been rather busy plus a little under the weather, so it’s happening today instead 😛

This week is International Pooper Scooper Week.  Don’t know how many people knew that.  I sure didn’t!

Dog poop

So, what’s the deal about poop?  Well, it’s icky.  It’s squishy when it gets on the bottom of your shoe.  And it’s smelly.  So, instead of leaving it out in the yard or at the park or on the grass beside the sidewalk or on the side of the road, we should pooper scooper it into the nearest trash can.  It’s pretty easy, takes only seconds, and is only polite.  Plus, unless you want to, you don’t have to buy anything special for it!  Grocery bags work just as well as the little green bags you can buy specifically to pick up poop.  No, really, they do!  Just make sure to check for holes first 😉

I always take a few grocery bags to the park with me.  See?  Right there at the top of my bag 😀


If your dog is a repeat offender pooper on the walk or at the park, just stick a few grocery bags in your pocket to take along with you (as above).  Simple!

It also works for our own yard.  Just take a bag out and scooper, scooper, scooper all that pooper away!  I find it easier to use actual pooper scooper tools so I don’t have to bend and crouch and kill my back and legs.  The great thing about getting rid of that poop on a daily or weekly basis is that we have less chance of developing those icky yellow spots in our grass because, as a lot of us know, dog poo kills grass.  Plus, I’m sure none of us want our yard to look like a poo pit, or have the embarrassment of one of our visitors stepping in our dog’s doo doo.  Another great reason to scooper your dog’s pooper is that then those repeat offender poo eaters (*cough* Luna) don’t get the chance to eat it!  Yay, no stinky poo-breath!

Cat litter box

For those who aren’t dog people, or those who are dog and cat people, cat litter also needs pooper scooping.  It’s usually best to do it on a daily basis, though I admit I don’t always do this.  However, most cats like it best if it’s cleaned out daily and some are just picky enough (*cough* Merlin *cough*) that if it’s not cleaned to their satisfaction they decide to do their business on the next best thing, i.e. the bed, clean/dirty clothes, towels, the carpet, etc.  Besides this, scooping daily also means less of the urine and poo smell lingers around the house, which for some isn’t a problem, but for others it is.  My mom doesn’t like the smell and neither do I.  Plus, I think it’s just better to have it clean, especially if we’re going to have guests over.  I don’t want them to think our house smells like urine and feces, do you?

I feel the most important reason to pooper scoop, though, is to show (to others and ourselves) that we’re responsible pet owners and we just care that much about our pets and our community to be responsible for them even in this, sometimes very smelly, area.

So let’s scooper that pooper and keep scoopering that pooper and be responsible pet owners!  Happy International Pooper Scooper Week!

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