Forget-Me-Not Friday

This week we feature Fluff, the father of Raina.  He was born in the fall of 2011 to a litter of three by my grandma’s cat, Zeela, though sadly the third was stillborn.  Even so, when they were about two weeks old they were joined by a drop-off named Noah at three months old who was quickly adopted into the litter.

Zeela and kittens4

Fluff is the light grey kitten on the very left, Noah the dark grey kitten looking up at the camera, Fuzz the light tannish-grey kitten up top under Noah, and of course the mother Zeela on the right.

Sadly most of the pictures were lost between the move from this house to our current house, so we don’t have any photos of Fluff as an adult cat, though he was a very handsome tom.

He looked very much like his daughter, Raina, except with more fluff around his face, lighter in color and, of course, very much male 😉

Raina wants in5

Fluff was the first cat I was able to form a strong bond with.  He was, in a word, a flirt.  He loved all females, even the two-legged ones, and would trill charmingly at them and curl his tail back and forth and back and forth and rub on and around them whenever he saw one.  It was no wonder Noah ended up mating with him, the Romeo 😀  Even though it would have been better to get him neutered early on, our finances were tight and, in the end, I’m grateful we have a legacy from him in the form of his daughter, a great mouser just like he and Noah were!

At only two years old, Fluff left on one of his hunting trips, though he was gone longer than usual and I worried incessantly about where he was and whether he was going to make it back (just like I worry about our indoor/outdoor cats whenever they’re gone longer than usual).  Finally, he returned, but he was limping and had clearly been wounded.  After checking over the leg, I was able to determine it was broken and he had likely been hit by a car.  We contacted the vet, though it was the weekend and we couldn’t take him in until Monday.  I did what I could, trying every remedy I found to drain the pus in the wound, trying my best to prevent the infection moving to his heart.  However, it was too late.  The wound was too bad and the infection already moving into his chest.  He died early Monday morning just a few minutes before we were to take him to the vet.  I’m unsure they would have been able to do anything except, perhaps, ease his passing.

I still mourn for him and wish we could have done more to save him or at least make his passing easier.  This post is in memory of Fluff.  May he never be forgotten.

Forget-Me-Not Friday is about pets we have lost, whether they’ve passed over the Rainbow Bridge, got lost and were never found, or had to be given up for one reason or another.  Please feel free to participate in this event to honor our pets by sending a picture (or a few pictures) and your pet’s story to  Tell me about your beloved dog, your adorable cat, your favorite horse, your silly goat, your pet pig, your mischievous ferret, etc.  I’ll post one picture and one story each week in memory of those pets.

If you want to participate in Forget-Me-Not Friday please send:

  1. a picture (or pictures) of your beloved pet
  2. a summary of their story
  3. the link to your blog and any links pertaining to that pet
  4. your name (doesn’t have to be your real name)

Also, please consider becoming a part of our Fluffybutt Family and following us on our journey 🙂

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