At the Park

Yesterday was a very nice day, 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and I was feeling good and the dogs were feeling good, so we decided to take a walk down to the park and work on Luna’s leash skills and Pixie’s off-leash skills (which she’s had ever since I adopted her, in case anyone’s wondering).  Eventually, we’ll be teaching Luna to walk off-leash, but for now she needs to master on-leash 😉 not to mention “come,” lol.

Once at the park, though, it was all off-leash!

Dogs running at park

Luna running in grass

Pixie running away again

After running and exploring for awhile, they decided it was time for a nice roll in the grass and leaves.

We worked on “come” during their play time and, for the most part, they did well 🙂

Luna coming back (2)

Pixie running toward me funny ears

Luna found several big sticks and tried to persuade me to throw them 😀

Luna and big stick

Luna dragging big stick

She was very proud of herself, even if I couldn’t throw them for her.

Then, of course, she found her obsession.

Luna found baseball at park

A ball.

After a little more than an hour I was getting tired and they were getting hot, so we called it a day and headed back home.  They both did very well on the walk (a subject I’ll address in another post at another time), and were happy to be home, though I don’t think either of them were as happy to be home as I was!

I am definitely looking forward to more warm spring days so I can take them down to the park again and work on their training.  It makes me so excited when they learn a new command or even just master an old one!

What are your plans for the spring?  Tell us in the comments below!

If you enjoyed this update on our two canine not-so-fluffybutts, I hope you’ll consider becoming a part of our Fluffybutt Family!  We’d love to share our journey with you!



5 thoughts on “At the Park

    1. They were indeed 😀 They always love it when we get to go somewhere “new,” even if that new isn’t actually new, only new in the sense that they haven’t been there since before winter last year 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lol Dogs are so funny like that. 🙂 My parents have two pugs and the one gets so excited to see people even if he just saw them. You could seriously just be in the other room and he acts like he hasn’t seen you in months when you come back in sometimes. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha! That’s a lot like Pixie, although she’s only really like that with me. Even though she sleeps with me at night, she acts like she hasn’t seen me for forever in the morning 😀 Dogs really are quite funny that way.

        Liked by 1 person

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