World Spay Day

Let’s talk about sex.  We all know how appealing sex is, but we also know that it’s a primal drive imprinted in our very DNA.  The same goes for dogs and cats.  They have that drive written right into their DNA, but unlike us, they can’t really choose to abstain or take birth control.  If they get that urge to go have sex and procreate, they’re going to try their darnedest to do just that. Which means even if they’ve always been an indoor cat or an indoor dog, they’re going to try to get out of the house, out of the yard, to go find a mate.  It’s not because they’re a bad dog or a bad cat, it’s simply nature.  However, that nature can very easily get them into trouble that could potentially be fatal.  That same dog or cat that’s looking for a mate may not be street-wise and could end up getting hit by a car.  They might get in a fight with another dog or cat looking for the same thing.  They might get picked up by an undesirable person.  They might eat or drink something that’s not good for them while they’re out and about (cause, after all, they still need to eat and drink).

So unless we’re going to hover over our female dogs while they’re in heat or our intact males all the time (since we never know when a female in the neighborhood is going to go into heat), the best solution is to go to the vet and get them spayed or neutered.

I am a huge advocate of spaying and neutering.  This isn’t because I don’t like puppies or kittens.  In fact, I adore them!  It’s really because I’ve seen the dogs and cats at the shelter.  I feel for them.  I want them all to find homes.  But I know that many of the animals that go into the shelter don’t come out again.  And that’s not because the people at the shelter are bad people (that is, in general, a myth – I know the people at our local animal shelter love their animals and always try to do what’s best for them), it’s because there are simply too many homeless dogs and cats brought into the shelter every day/week/month/year.  There are just too many dogs and cats without homes and not enough pet lovers to give them the homes they need.  It’s sad, but true.  In fact, the ASPCA estimates 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the US, alone, and many of them are perfectly healthy, perfectly friendly, perfectly cute animals.

Think I’m exaggerating?  Let me give a quick example of what can happen when you leave a female cat un-spayed and a male cat intact.

So, of course, those 2 cats will mate.  They will have anywhere from 2-5 kittens.  However, just to prove my point, let’s say they have only 2.  For the sake of argument, each litter has 1 male and 1 female.  The female remains un-spayed and the male intact.  The female then mates with an intact male and has 2 kittens.  Not only that, the female cat that originally had the first 2 kittens can go right back into estrus as soon as she’s had her kittens, which means she’s now had a further 2 kittens, and the female of those 2 has had 2 kittens.

Do you see where this is going?  That’s already 8 kittens in total.  And then 4 of those being female will go on to have 8 more kittens.  While at the same time the original mother cat just had 2 more kittens and the 2 females from her first and second litters also each have 2 kittens, that number then magically becomes 22 kittens.

Then all of those females – 11 in total, have 2 kittens each, which gives you another 22, plus 2 from the original mother cat, which makes it 24 on top of the 22, which makes it 46.  Half of those kittens are female, and they each have 2 kittens, which is another 46 kittens, plus the 2 from the original mother cat.  That brings us to 94.  And again, half of them are female and have 2 kittens each, which is another 94 plus the 2 from the original mother cat.  That number then becomes 190.

Oh, and did you know most un-spayed females have 2-3 litters per year?  PER.  YEAR.  That means one female cat alone, if they live an average lifespan of 15 years and 12 of those years are fertile years, will have 72-180 kittens in her lifespan.  That’s only if she has average sized litters, though.  Imagine if she tends to have 8 kittens per litter!  That’s 288 kittens in one cat’s lifespan!  Then if each female kitten in all those litters has 72-180 kittens, that number very quickly adds up!

Then there are dogs to consider.  Female dogs typically go into heat twice a year, but they don’t always have puppies after each heat.  So, for argument’s sake, let’s say she only has puppies once a year.  An average litter size for a dog is between 5 and 6.  That dog can live up to 12 years and let’s say 8 of those years are fertile.  That means she could have between 40 and 48 puppies in her lifespan.  Then if half of those are female, they could very well have 5-6 puppies each year and 40-48 in their lifespans.  I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s an awful lot of puppies!

So what happens to all those kittens and puppies?  Are you going to find good homes for ALL of them?  Even if you manage that, how do you know those puppies or kittens are going to be spayed or neutered?  If they’re not, what happens to their puppies and kittens?  Do you see how quickly it adds up and how so many dogs and cats end up in shelters and euthanized each year?

The fact is, spaying and neutering is the only viable way to bring that 2.7 million death count down.

It is the responsibility of pet owners everywhere to help bring that number down by spaying and neutering their pets, especially if you have no intention of breeding them or only want to breed them because puppies and kittens are sooooooo cute!  There are hundreds upon thousands of puppies and kittens in shelters nationwide!  There are even purebred puppies and kittens in shelters (although I tend to think mutts are better, but that’s just my opinion)!  If you want a puppy or kitten because they’re just sooooooo cute, go adopt one from your local shelter.  Save a life!


What is your opinion on spaying and neutering?  Leave a comment below!

Was my math off (because I’m no math-wiz)?  Leave a comment below!

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11 thoughts on “World Spay Day

  1. No I think your math makes the point very clearly. Unfortunately we live in a world where a lot of people just don’t care, or are too lazy to seek information about a pet before they buy or even just keep breeding excessive litters for money.
    Wouldn’t it be good if everyone had to take a test on your post BEFORE they were allowed to have a pet? 🙂
    Cat person? I dare you NOT to fall in love HERE. The Ed.

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    1. Well, thank you very much 🙂 Math is definitely not my forte. And yes, it is unfortunate that we live in that kind of world, where people don’t try to learn about what they’re getting into until they’re already in the middle of it, and sometimes not even then. It makes me sad that some people treat dogs and cats like they’re money-making machines and nothing else.

      Haha, I’m flattered you think my post would make a difference to them 🙂 I’m afraid, like you said, some people just don’t care and even if they took a test like that, they would still leave their cat or dog un-spayed or un-neutered or keep breeding excessive litters for money. It’s part of the reason I find it so sad and frustrating when yet another litter of kittens or puppies ends up at our local shelter. Seriously, come on people, if you don’t want puppies or kittens, get your pet fixed!

      Thank you for your kind comment, I hope you enjoy coming along on our journey 🙂


      1. Yes, unfortunately people are lazy and ignorant and would still leave their pets breeding wildly, that’s why legislation would help, but that happening is very slim. The powers that be seem to prefer just rounding them up and killing them rather that legislating for prevention.

        The pics on your intro page are gorgeous.
        I didn’t see your store though?

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      2. Yes, it is very unfortunate, but that’s why it’s so important that pet lovers like us speak out and try to educate those who may not have thought about it or just don’t know. I like the program that started several years ago, the catch, neuter, release program. I think it’s great and could really help bring the stray cat population down and, consequently, the death count.

        Thank you 🙂 Getting the store up and running is going to be a process. I’m just at the beginning stages. But, I am hoping to get it up and running within the next 3-6 months. Thanks for asking ^_^


      3. Oooogh how interesting (re the store). I hope I can keep up for the journey.

        And yes it is important that we share what we know as when I say ignorant I don’t even mean that especially in a bad way. People just don’t know or just don’t think and purchase in ignorance. For example I bought my dog from a pet store (many moons ago) – although it was probably the best thing I’ve ever done, I would never do that now. 🙂
        Exciting times ahead for you!

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      4. Thanks, I’m happy to have you along for the journey 🙂 That’s part of the reason I wanted to start this blog and set up an online store. I wanted to somehow bring pet lovers together into this friendly, especially pet friendly, community and be able to talk with everyone and hear what they would want in an online pet boutique. Do you have anything you would want to see in an online store? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

        Yes, I know exactly what you mean about purchasing in ignorance. I think a lot of people do that and they’re certainly not bad people, they want what’s best for the animal they’re purchasing, but they don’t understand the implications of that purchase and may not understand what it means when they leave their animal un-spayed or un-neutered. Sometimes I really wish we could reach more people.

        Very exciting times ahead! I really hope to get this rolling and be able to help in the pet community as much as I possibly can. After all, pets are my passion!


      5. Okay for me I’d say if your passion for animal welfare comes across in your presentation and choice of products that will help.
        It just so happens that with a project were doing recently we were looking at a lot of online pet stores.

        The ones that worked in my opinion are the ones that showed the owners genuine love for animals by including their own pets as part of the whole set up. The opposite to that were people who seemed to throw up a cheap looking template website with a bunch of pet products. No soul. Fast click away. Next.

        Sales people are sales people. Even terrible ones like the ones we saw. Pro-animal people have soul. So show it. That would be what I would be looking for.

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      6. Wow, that is fantastic advice! I have intended from the beginning to include our own pets in the set-up of the store. They are, after all, the original Fluffybutts that inspired me to create Fluffybutts Pet Boutique 🙂 However, I never thought of it in the way you said. You’re completely right! I would trust someone who showed how much they love their animals to sell me good products a lot more than I would trust a salesperson with no investment in the products. Fantastic! Thank you!


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