Forget-Me-Not Friday

On this Forget-Me-Not Friday we honor a fluffybutt that is not a dog or a cat but impacted mine and my sister’s lives nonetheless.  Tear was an adorable dwarf calf our dad brought home during a period when I was raising calves.  He intended her to be a milk cow for us and said we were going to be keeping her.  My sister, who immediately and unexpectedly fell in love and formed a bond with her, named her Tear for the tear drop shaped spot she had on her forehead.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos as they were lost in one of our many moves from one place to another 😦

Below is simply a picture of a dwarf calf to give you an idea of how small she was.


We had several calves before she came into our hearts.  Dumb Bum and Smarty Pants were the first of the calves I raised.  They were followed by Blackpaw (due to a black spot shaped like a paw print), Bully (a very pushy calf), and Cutie Pie (the prettiest of the bunch).

We sheltered Tear in one of the chain link kennels we had out back with plenty of straw for insulation against the cold and tarps over the top for protection from the sun and wind as well as a heat lamp since she was such a tiny thing and couldn’t produce much body heat.  She was about half the size of a normal calf, but she had such sass and such a curious nature and zest for life.  Patricia became her primary caretaker and would feed her and brush her and take her out of the kennel to play.  Much like a puppy, Tear would follow her around and around the yard and my sister adored her as she’d never had an animal that did that before Tear.  Tear was her, unofficial, first pet.

My Coco baby spent time in the kennel next to Tear while she was in heat, and it wasn’t very long before they formed a bond.  Tear followed Coco everywhere when they were both let out to play, and they’d spend time rolling in the grass and running around and chasing each other until it was time to go back inside.

Tear grew.  Not a lot with her dwarfism, but enough that she outgrew the chain link kennel and needed to be moved down to the old stables where we kept the other calves. Whenever we came to the stables to visit and feed and play with them, Tear would immediately run over to Patricia and Coco and kick up her hooves in joy at seeing her bonded friends.  I loved watching them all play together!

Below is an approximation of Tear’s size when she was full grown.


Unfortunately, circumstances changed.  Money became tight (again) and, what seemed out of nowhere, our dad decided to sell Tear along with the other calves.

We were devastated.  Especially Patricia, who had always had trouble forming bonds with animals when she knew they likely wouldn’t be able to stay with us forever.  Tear was an unexpected exception to that and it hurt her deeply to see Tear loaded up and taken far away to be sold to who-knows-what-kind-of-person or for what purpose.

We loved Tear for everything she was, for the bond she shared with Patricia and Coco, for everything she taught us, and for the unexpected but inevitable imprint she left on our hearts.  She’s the reason we are determined even in the present day that when we’re in the right circumstances, have our own place with enough land, and have the finances, we’re going to adopt as many dwarf cows as we can properly care for.

This post was written in memory of Tear.  May she never be forgotten.


Forget-Me-Not Friday is about pets we have lost, whether they’ve passed over the Rainbow Bridge, got lost and were never found, or had to be given up for one reason or another.  Please feel free to participate in this event to honor our pets by sending a picture (or a few pictures) and your pet’s story to  Tell me about your beloved dog, your adorable cat, your favorite horse, your silly goat, your pet pig, your mischievous ferret, etc.  I’ll post one picture and one story each week in memory of those pets.

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    It’s Forget-Me-Not Friday once again, and on e again we are going to remember Tear’s story and the impact she had in our lives and in our hearts.

    This post is in memory of Tear. May she never be forgotten.


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