Be My Valentine?

It’s Valentine’s Day, and since I was feeling artsy yesterday, my sister and I did a little Valentine’s photo shoot with our critters 🙂  Take a look!

Pixie went first because she’s adorable and she knows it (plus, she’s the best at sitting still).

“Is this a good pose?  Of course it’s a good pose.  I know I’m adorable.  My human tells me that all the time!”

She even made sure we got both sides of her face 🙂

“How about from this side?  Yes, this side.  This is definitely my good side.”

Who wouldn’t want this little cutie for their valentine?  (But I’m biased 😛 )

Then, of course, Luna had to get in on the action.

“Why are you pointing that thing at my face?”

And she’s just so photogenic, so …

“Well, whatever.”

And …

“I wonder if these taste any good …”

And once again, the devastating head tilt!

“Valentine’s?  What’s that?”

Adorable, right?  Don’t you want to be her valentine?

Next we move on to the cats >^_^<

First to strike a pose is Mr. Merlin.

“I’m the handsomest kitty around!”

What a beaut.  Look at those beautiful green eyes and those lovely white whiskers!  He just loves the camera (or maybe the camera just loves him 😛 )   He was very interested in what we were doing, but stayed gentleman-like and remained where he was while I arranged the hearts.

He got so comfy he started grooming himself and I just happened to catch this face 😀

“Nyah … nyah … just give me a moment while I … nyah … smooth down my fur …”

Will you be Mr. Merlin’s valentine?

Miss Morgana was a little more difficult.  She didn’t want to stay, so we had to bring out the big guns (kitty treats, lol).

“Okay, this could work …”

Finally, between treats, I managed to get a few good photos of her (yay me!).

“Give me another treat or I’ll leave.”

Isn’t she just gorgeous?  Who wouldn’t want her as a valentine?

“Come on, human, give me that treat!”

Then, because there were treats involved, Mr. Merlin decided he had to invade.

Merlin: “Treats?  Why didn’t I get treats for my photo shoot?”  Morgana: “Obviously because I negotiate better than you.”

Followed by Luna.

Luna: “Wait a minute, I deserve a treat, too!”  Merlin: “Wait your turn, puppy, the next treat is mine.”  Morgana: “Don’t bet on it.”

Followed by Pixie.


Then we got this lovely gem with Mr. Merlin and Pixie both licking their chops.

“Schlerp, more please!”

After putting away the treats, we got serious again and brought in our indoor/outdoor kitties for their Valentine’s photos.

Mr. Bagheera was easier to get settled down, so we did his photo-shoot first.

“What is the purpose of this?”

The second photo is after he decided to move and then settled again elsewhere, but still within the backdrop where I could then cover him with hearts and click away.  Which is how I got this lovely photo.

“Valentine’s photo shoot?  I guess I can sit still for that.”

Such soft, silky fur and gorgeous golden eyes!  Won’t you be his valentine?

And last, but certainly not least, Miss Raina, the Queen of the household and the least likely of the bunch to settle down for her photo debut.  However, with some patience, we managed to get her comfortable, though once the hearts came out she was more interested in grabbing and chewing on them than posing for the camera!

“My heart.  Can’t have it, it’s mine!”

We still managed to get a few good photos of Her Majesty 🙂

“These remind me of those fluttering insects with the pretty wings.  I wonder if these taste anything like them …”
“This isn’t so bad.  In fact, I feel rather fabulous!”

Who wants to be the Queen’s valentine?

Before Miss Morgana invaded because, well, curiosity and all that …

Morgana: “What ya doin?”  Raina: “Pretending you’re not here.”

And Mr. Bagheera who didn’t move after his photo shoot and still has some hearts left on him.  He’s such a love bug!

Raina: “Are we done yet?”  Morgana: “Doesn’t quite look like it.”  Bagheera: “Zzzzzzzzzzz.”

Mr. Merlin in the background, who’s curious but not quite sure if he wants to go over there.

Merlin: “That looks like fun.  I wonder if they’ll let me join …”

So, who do you want to be your valentine?  Comment below!

Have you taken any Valentine’s photos of your pets?  I’d love to see them!  Add them to the comments section or send them by e-mail to!


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