What Fluffybutts is All About


Welcome to Fluffybutts Family!  Fluffybutts is all about my passion.  Pets.  Specifically dogs and cats.  Through research and the joining of several groups dedicated to the health of their pets, I have come to understand more about the nutrition available to our beloved furry, and non-furry, family members.  I started asking, what’s really in kibble?  How healthy is it?  Where does it come from?  What kind of facilities is it made in?  Is it really good for all breeds, all sizes, all health conditions, all ages of dogs and cats?  Is there a better alternative?

In addition to learning about nutrition, I started learning about dog and cat behavior.  Cesar Millan is a man most pet owners know.  Some adore him.  Some hate him and think he’s a fraud.  I don’t adore or hate him.  I see potential in his techniques and the way they can work for some dogs if you have the understanding of when and how to use them.  Is it a one size fits all?  I don’t think so.  However, some of the principals he teaches I do believe apply to all dogs.  Most pet lovers also know the cat behaviorist from My Cat From Hell, Jackson Galaxy.  As with Cesar Millan, some love him, some hate him.  That’s the way it is with most celebrities, I’ve found.  His techniques are not as controversial as those of Cesar Millan, however, they are also not a one size fits all, nor would I advise sticking your hand out at a cat that clearly wants nothing to do with you.

All of this resulted in the forming of my dream: to own a pet boutique that offers natural, quality pet food, natural remedies, natural supplements, safe and fun toys, various proven training tools, quality pet beds and houses, books on dog and cat behavior and training, and much more.  In addition, it is my dream to become something of a pet community hub where pet owners can share their experiences with their pets, the training tools they’ve had success with, their missteps, the foods they’ve found work best for their pet, home remedies they may have used that have worked for their pets’ ailments, etc.  Furthermore, I’d like to display on my site and eventually in the physical store I plan to build in the future, art pet owners have created in honor of the pets they have or pets they may have lost as a tribute to pets everywhere.

That, my friends and fellow not-so-Fluffybutts, is what Fluffybutts is all about.  Please consider becoming a part of our Fluffybutts Family 🙂


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